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EPG Layout
I use mythtv on a 19" TV so the standard EPG with 8 channels at once
even with larger fonts is sometimes to small or annoying. So I used the
alternate EPG which is nice because you can set how many channels\hours to
display in the EPG but then you lose half the screen to descriptions and the
tv window.
I was thinking it would be nice if the standard EPG was configurable
like the alternate one so I could set it to say display only 4 or 5 channels
and only 2 hours at time that way I could set the fonts larger and there would
be space for them and overall I could see it on my tv from farther away.
So as far as I can tell I cannot set the number of channels\hours
displayed in the standard EPG that takes up the full screen. Am I missing
something. If not it would be cool if someone could modify it, not being a
programmer myself.