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RH8 documentation and mythmusic
Hi there. I'm working on the RH8 documentation. I don't even really want
mythmusic, but I do want the Red Hat documentation to be complete beyond
just the base mythmusic install. So I'm installing mythmusic and having
a problem. If anyone could help me, your assistance will go directly
toward improving the documentation. Here we go:

I just installed mythmusic for the first time. CVS from 1/27/03. It
looks pretty good. It found my mp3s, plays them well, and some of the
visualizers are really cool. However, I can't seem to rip or play from a
cd. The install process seemed to go very well (see below).
Here are the symptoms:
I insert a cd. Mythmusic seems to download track info about the cd
correctly. If I go to select music I can select the cd and then go to
play music. This screen correctly lists track info, including play
times.. However if I hit play nothing happens. If I go to import music
again, the track info is correctly listed. I click the import button and
it blasts through all the tracks in about 3 seconds, then ejects the cd.
It seems to think that it has successfully imported the music. The music
shows up in my music library, and if I go to play all the tracks show up
as 0:00 long. If I hit play it just attemps to play each track for a
fraction of a second then moves on to the next one.

I have set it to use /dev/cdrom and /dev/dsp It seems like it is
talking partially to the cdrom because it can get track info and eject
the cd tray. And I think /dev/dsp is right because my mythtv sound is
fine using that setting. Also I _can_ play a cd using both junk cd
player apps which are supplied with kde and gnome respectively.

The problem is identical whether using gnome, kde or twm so I don't
think it is some other app highjacking the resources.

Here are details of my install:
Red Hat 8.0

MAD 0.14.2b installed from src, no errors

Vorbis included in distro: libvorbis-1.0-1, libvorbis-devel-1.0-1,

FLAC 1.04 installed from src, no errors

libcaudio .99.6 installed from src, no errors

cdparanoia included in distro: cdparanoia-libs-alpha9.8-11,
cdparanoia-devel-alpha9.8-11, cdparanoia-alpha9.8-11


fftw downloaded src rpm. Gave a (seemingly) minor testing error
on install
OpenGL included with distro
SDL included with distro: SDL-devel-1.2.4-5,
SDL_mixer-devel-1.2.4-5, SDL-1.2.4-5, SDL_mixer-1.2.4-5

mythmusic compiled and installed with no errors.
I modified the mythmusic-settings file and updated the database.

on the off chance that it would be helpfull I attatched is a listing of
all rpms on my system.