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Profiles and Channel Changing
I've been using MythTV (latest CVS) successfully for about a month now. I have a few questions about current functionality.

1) Do the recording profiles currently correspond to anything? I've figured out that 'LiveTV' is the profile used when watching Live TV. Does 'default' get used for all other recording (i.e. when you are not watching the recording? This seems to make sense since I can obviously record at better quality if I am not trying to watch the program at the same time.

2) I have tuned MythTV to use options which give best possible quality for my hardware. However, even though I can watch a channel for hours without problems the second I try and change the channel, MythTV struggles to keep up, dropping quite a few frames. This goes on for about 1-2 seconds (or just long enough to be really annoying). Is there something I can set or tune to avoid this delay while changing channels?