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DVB-cards nd VQFs
Hello everyone!

I'm a new member, so don't chop me up if this has already been discussed (although I couldn't find anything in the archives).

I've been looking for the ultimate HTPC-solution for me, and MythTV seems to be the best bet so far. However, I do have some questions which I haven't been able to answer myself through the docs.

Will DVB-cards ever be supported? As we all know, pretty much the entire world are slowly moving towards digital broadcasts from the old analog broadcasts. So Digital Video Broadcast compliance would be really nice to have in MythTV. For those of you not familiar with DVB, it's pretty much a mpeg2 stream with nice audio, and in to the mix you have EPG (electronic program guide) etc. There's another project (I think it's called homedvr, or something like that), and it's kind of like MythTV but it uses DVB instead of analog stuff, but it lacks the sofistication of MythTV. Maybe code could be merged, because I'm sure it's not too hard (seeing how all the dirty-work is done in the kernel).

Then there's another question ;)
How about lcd/vqf support, is there any right now in MythTV. If not, will there ever be (maybe even in the foreseable future). It would be very nice to have hdd-space and current program or sth like that showing on a lcd-display.

Best regards,


ps. and no, I'm not a mythtv user yet, although I think I will be fairly soon. I'm just looking around at different solutions right now. ds