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OT: G400-TV AGP voltage?
( Isaac, sorry for cross-posting, I know it's bad, but I'm not sure if the
bulk of the dev list has subscribed to the users list yet)

Hi guys,

finally I decided to build a more reasonable system for dedicated mythtv
usage. I settled on Abit BD7 mobo and P4 2.4Ghz. I already have a Marvel
G200-TV and thought I'd use it in the new system. Luckily, before the parts
have even arrived I read that the BD7, and all intel chipset 845 mobos for
that matter, accept only AGP 4x at 1.5v and if you try to plug in an AGP 2x
card, the mobo will burn!!!

First question, is it really that bad? Can I upgrade the BIOS or force it to
accept AGP 2x cards?

Second, if I have to buy a new card, could anyone with a G400-TV tell me if
that card is 4x at 1.5v, please?

In the worst case scenario, I'll rma my g200 agp and replace it with g200 pci.