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Hi Jonatan,

Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been pretty busy recently and your
message ended up in the wrong folder...

>>>> I had a chance to play with it and its overall a nice program...
>>>> It does currently have one major blocker as far as usage with
>>> MythTV is concerned, it is currently unable to deal with plurals in
>>> Qt tsfiles.
>>> re:
>> I know, I am subscribed to it as well. I found that the same day
>> while testing on my local installation. It seems they are thinking
>> of a temporary solution, until their release schedule allows for a
>> fundamental change and a more permanent fix.

Yep and I confirmed to them (I am subscribed to that bug as well) that
the proposed solution would be acceptable as far as I am concerned. That
was my perception as original reporter of this problem.

>>>> There are other things that must be looked into but this is the
>>>> major issue I can see with this application right now.
>> Is there a public list of things that we would like for a translation
>> interface? Or is it just you and Kenny deciding?

We were only supposed to look at this between versions (after 0.24 had
been released) so we have not yet established specific requirements.

I took a little advance on the planned schedule by looking at these
applications right now but it way too early right now to say what we
might end up using.

For now our focus is more on finding what's available, what it is
offering, etc...

I'm hoping that there will be many suitable applications from which to
chose from.

I have been told that these kind of apps were look at in the past but
none were chosen but no dev at the time had translation has a primary
focus and/or the time to look at these in more depth... I'm pretty
confident that Kenni and I will at least find one suitable application
this time.

> > > It is however a lot more difficult to distribute work with it as
> > everybody has its own little copy of the translation on his pc.
> > True.

That's the big advantage these applications have over Qt Linguist and
this is especially true for translations which have a lot of people
eager work on a translation which is has a lot of strings left to translate.

> > Yes, but this is overhead that unfortunately needs to be set up for
> > every translation team, by the members them self mostly.

I'm sure we (Kenni and I) or other translators could have given
suggestions to help teams set up something to help them work multiple
people at a time but this will, I hope, no longer be a problem for the
next release...

> >
>>>>Most of the sentences we have to translate now resemble sentences
> > we already have translated and Qt Linguist notices this and proposes us
>>> possible translations.
> >
> > Pootle does suggest as well, but on a per word base IIRC.

I am currently in contact with one of their devs (who contacted me) to
help them fix the issues it has with Qt ts files...

>>>> We have to make sure the applications we are looking at producesfiles
>>>> which are 100% compatible with Qt, that they don't cause
>>>> translation issues or even worse, application issues...
> >
>> My testing so far has lead to a working file, although the first
>> diff is quite large for all ts files. Most differences are comsetical ones,

Yep, things like a missing character set definition, etc... I have been
told by their dev that they will be able to address these.

>> however there is the issue of the pauscal/plural issue.

Which they still have problems with, even after the latest fix. I
actually had a crash caused by this...

My contact in their dev team as forwarded it to the appropriate dev.

>> The other major difference is that Qt Linguist (or translators) seem to
>> escape special charachters. So far my testing with the Pootle generated
>> ts file (that does not escape special characters) seems to work
> > fine.

Not entirely...

(It corrupts them slightly...)

> > Do you know what is the reason that the escape sequences are present
> > in the current .ts files?

I assume that it was to make them "safer" to parse/use but I know that
Qt tools seems to have no problem when the characters are not escaped...

They can't do anything about this as the XML library they use doesn't
support that escaping...

> >
> > the > rest as far as I am concerned.
> >
> > Pootle does that, apart from the pauscal/plural bug.

It also corrupts some translations too...

(Pootle is currently merging some translations together because it is
not using the correct (lookup) key...)

My contact has promised that they will look at it.

> >
> >
> > Please do so, judging from the bug the developers hope to have a
> > hack in place soonish as they are mantioning release 2.1.

With the info I got from the Pootle dev I am in contact with it's more
2.2 I am looking forward to now... (-;

Have a nice day,

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On 9-11-2010 2:21, Nicolas Riendeau wrote:
> Hi Jonatan,
> Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been pretty busy recently and your
> message ended up in the wrong folder...

No problem, thanks for reporting back. I hope we can use Pootle in the
future as I think it would make it lots and lots easier for the not so
technical (aka more user than designer kind of people) to easily
contribute translations.

Kind regards,