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Ticket #9017: [PATCH i18n] Czech translation
Hi Kenni,
I'm now back from vacation, so reading email with long delay :-(. I'm
always running lupdate after svn update and especially in front of
creating tickets on myth trac to resync latest strings from svn.
this time i got lots of strings updates, but then it has been again
removed by additional patch. So in time i was submiting my patch my
lupdate was showing 0 new strings against SVN. Did you get different
I'm translating myth for long time, so lupdate/lrelease is known for me.
Maybe I will try to update my QT framework as in past i got different
outputs running lupdate from different QT dev packages versions.....
I have now lot of work to do, but after cleaning table I will try
lupdate against .24-fixes....


Dne 26.9.2010 22:50, Kenni Lund napsal(a):
> 2010/9/26 MythTV<mythtv at>:
>> #9017: [PATCH i18n] Czech translation
>> -------------------------------+--------------------------------------------
>> Reporter: srsen75@? | Owner: kenni
>> Type: patch | Status: closed
>> Priority: minor | Milestone: 0.24
>> Component: Translations | Version: Trunk Head
>> Severity: medium | Resolution: fixed
>> Keywords: | Ticket locked: 0
>> -------------------------------+--------------------------------------------
>> Changes (by kenni):
>> * status: accepted => closed
>> * resolution: => fixed
>> Comment:
>> (In [26536]) Update Czech translation of mythfrontend.
>> Patch by srsen75, fixes #9017.
> A general comment (to srsen75 and to other translators if they're
> reading this): When you are locally working on your translations over
> time (days, weeks, etc.), then it isn't sufficient to regularly run
> "svn update" alone to get the latest source strings. You need to run
> "svn update" followed by "lupdate -locations absolute",
> to update the .ts file with the latest strings.
> I've seen several 0.24 translation patches which have been created
> against latest SVN (perhaps a few hours old), but once I apply it and
> run lupdate myself, lots of strings are added to the .ts files -
> strings which were introduced in SVN several weeks ago, and therefore
> could have been included in the patch.
> So...while you're working on your translation, remember to run lupdate
> after running svn update :)
> Best regards
> Kenni
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