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Now is the time... (... to get yourtranslations ready...)

are there specific dates for the releases/deathlines?


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Datum: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 19:33:22 -0400

> Hi!
> You should now get your translations ready for the release of 0.24.
> We (Kenni and I) will be accepting updates for your respective
> translation during the RC phase but if you wish to make sure your
> translation are included in the 0.24 release you should submit them as
> soon as possible.
> The theme string extraction program was ran an hour ago by Kenni to
> extract the strings that come from the themes.
> Please don't forget to run lupdate before translating as instructed on
> the translation page ( to get the
> latest strings.
> Special care should be taken with strings containing words in CAPITAL
> LETTERS enclosed in "%". Some of these actually contain text that can be
> translated but only do so if you are confortable doing it and can
> actually test the end result. These are actually templates used for
> displaying information and if the code is not recognized it could very
> well make some screens at least partially unusuable. You can either fill
> them in with the same information (Ctrl-B in Qt Linguist) or leave them
> empty.
> You might also want to consider submitting locale files
> ( for your respective
> locales as well. We will make sure these get forwarded to the
> appropriate developer.
> Thank you very much for all your hard work!
> Nicolas (knight)
> Translation mainteainer
> MythTV development team
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2010/10/8 Florian Bittner <mythtv at>:
> Hi,
> are there specific dates for the releases/deathlines?

No, the release will happen "as soon as possible"...there're a few
blockers left, these can be resolved in days or in weeks depending on
the responsible developers.

Better get your translations submitted sooner rather than later.

Best regards