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Where is the text on the buttons in Videos list view defined - is it configurable

I need to change the text on the "List View" buttons in the buttontree

I am running Videos in "List View" and I want the last button, to the right,
to simply be the Title. However if it is a TV series I am forced to have a
button of the format " %TITLE% %SEASON%/%EPISODE% - %SUBTITLE%"

When I asked this not too long ago I was told to look for "##x##" and I
found this but it didn't give any clues.

I suspect the text is defined in code and not in the UI/Theme files. I would
like to know if the text is configurable and ideally how it is configurable,
without having to build MythTV. If it's not configurable then I plan to
manipulate, using SQL, the contents of videometadata to get the effect I
want - not desirable but something I am more comfortable with than having
the text the way it is currently.

I have been banging my head against a brick wall trying to work out how it
is defined in the theme UI but I can't see it. If it's not defined in the
theme UI then that would be enormously helpful to know.

If anyone can share any light on this I would appreciate it.