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The MythTV-Themes project on github (was Re: The version of the TintedGlass theme available via the theme chooser for trunk (0.25) is very old.)
On 03/01/2012 11:46 AM, Chris Pinkham wrote:
> * On Wed Feb 29, 2012 at 03:59:39PM -0600, Harley Peters wrote:
>> git clone git://
> Thanks, my packaging script was still pointed at your old repo
> at git:// I reran the packaging
> script and after the ftp rsync happens tonight, I'll update the
> index on the webserver.
>> This could be moved to your MythTV-Themes project if you want to.
>> Doesn't matter to me as long as its available via github.
> One of the advantages of having themes centralized is that it
> makes it easier for new (and existing) themers to browse around
> other themes for hints or help. It also helps promote a theming
> community. Michael Dean can move your theme in if you want and
> you'll still retain full control over access to it.

Yeah, and here are a few other things that themers may want to think about.

First, it's not "my" MythTV-Themes project. It's "yours". :) The
project belongs to all the themers, for their use, as desired. Any
theme in the project gets its own repo and the theme "owner" (currently
authors) is given administrative control of that repo--about equivalent
to a<username>/<reponame> type repository, in that
you decide who can and who cannot work on your theme. And, you can even
delete your own theme repo and move it elsewhere, if you later find a
reason to.

As you can see from the above, if your theme is in a separate github
project (or, SVN repo or ...), the Theme Chooser packaging script can
handle your theme just as well as if it's in MythTV-Themes project.
Therefore, moving isn't required.

However, ...

Having your theme in the MythTV-Themes project can help you to remove
clutter from your own personal project page. If you have a lot of repos
on your page, finding your MythTV theme among those listed repos may be
challenging for other people. If you have no other repos on your page,
moving to MythTV-Themes will allow you to remove that repo and, instead,
generally just work out of the MythTV-Themes repo, where you'll also see
a bunch of other themes and, even, be able to keep up with their
development. Also, not having your theme in your personal project page
means that it doesn't count toward the github 100MB limit for the github
free plan.

Having your theme in the MythTV-Themes project may also (though it
really shouldn't) lend an air of trust to the theme, since it's in a
project with the MythTV name and with a lot of other themes--if nothing
else, a user (or, more likely, prospective themer) who finds the theme
exists there may see it as more likely to be developed for widespread
use than a theme on a random github user's page. In reality, the only
real difference that may exist is that we will attempt to clearly
identify the status of themes in the project--i.e. to move out-of-date
themes into an Archived status after a while (something which may happen
to metallurgy "soon", if we don't find a volunteer to update and
maintain it--a volunteer that Stuart M decides to give commit or admin
privileges to, since it's his theme, so his decision to make).

Having your theme in the MythTV-Themes project may also help you to find
and exchange ideas/approaches with other themers more easily. If
nothing else, it makes it easier for themers to find your theme repo, to
view its history or see its current code.

Oh, and as far as moving your repo, depending on how you've configured
your current repo, switching to the new location could be as easy as
running a single git config command (that I can provide for you)
or--worst-case-scenario--doing another git clone to check out the new
repo. Even if you have to re-clone the repo, it's likely to only
require 10MB or less bandwidth.

As I said, it takes me only seconds to set up your repo (and likely less
than a second for you to copy/paste the command to switch repo
locations). The only reason I haven't already set up repos for the rest
of the themes in Chooser is because I want the theme
owners to decide that the approach would work well for them rather than
forcing the idea upon them. I think the potential for benefit to the
themers is high. And, if any of you think of ways we can improve on the
idea, we're open to suggestions--after all, it is /your/ project--so we
can make changes to better support your use, where possible. (I'm still
looking at github features to see if there are any we can take advantage
of to make things easier for you--from their project web pages to their
issue tracker (and making it easy to find from MythTV web pages) to
commit notifications (and, potentially setting up a
mythtv-theming-commits mailing list you all could subscribe to) or ...
Please let me know what you all would like to see.)

So, if anyone is interested in hosting their theme at the MythTV-Themes
project, please say so and I'll get you set up. :)

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