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Conditions in themes
Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of adapting some themes to my liking and came to a

First of all, where can I get information about existing states I can
query from within the theme, I found
and the subsequent pages about the different *-ui.xml themes.

Is this information up to date? Or are there more hidden ones? Or a
better place to look?

My reason for looking is this:

In MythVideo I'd like to display the screenshot of a movie, ONLY IF no
cover is available. Is that possible? I am under the impression I need
to define some new statetype, is that correct? That has to be done in
the mythtv source itself, right.

Could perhaps perhaps someone point me to the right direction
(I tried grep'ing the code for state or statenames, but didn't seem to
find anything useful)

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