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tv_grab_nz-py mini howto was (Re: basic problem)
On Wednesday 19 September 2007 16:38:18 David Lowe wrote:
> Hadley said:
>> "If you're setting up a new system and haven't setup your channels yet I'd
>> recommend using tv_grab_nz-py - it does make things easier. It will grab
>> the feed for you using mythfilldatabase, filter out any you don't need etc.
>> Feel free to post a note here if you need some instruction."
> Yes please ;-)

OK. You will need the following;

MythTV >= 0.20.2
XMLTV >= 0.5.43

Where you see a line starting with $ below, that's where you enter stuff at
the command prompt (don't type the $).

$ wget # Download the file
$ sudo mv tv_grab_nz-py /usr/local/bin/ # Put it in a system directory
$ sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/tv_grab_nz-py # Make it executable
$ mythtv-setup # Start mythtv-setup

Go into "3. Video Sources", then into the video source you want to edit or
create a new one.

You should be able to run through the list of listings grabbers and
tv_grab_nz-py should be one of them (if not, something went wrong, ask for

Click on the "Finish" button and the grabber configuration will start. Myth
currently sets up the grabbers in the terminal from where you started
mythtv-setup so switch back to that terminal now (ALT+TAB or whatever).

You will now be prompted whether you want to use each one of the channels
that's available (it's annoying but you only have to do it once - I believe
they are going to implement a better solution at some stage). You can adjust
these later so don't stress out if you mess it up.

Once you've been through all the questions mythtv will tell you;

"You MUST run 'mythfilldatabase --manual the first time,
instead of just 'mythfilldatabase'."

Once you see that, switch back to mythtv-setup and you'll see the same thing
there. Click OK, then you're done.

Exit out of mythtv-setup and then run mythfilldatabase. You can do it with or
without the --manual switch like suggested. I've personally not done it that

$ mythfilldatabase

This will download the listings, import the channels and their icons for you.

If you didn't do the --manual option to mythfilldatabase then you need to set
channel numbers for the channels.

You can do this in mythtv-setup (easy but annoying if you have loads of
channels) or script it (harder to setup but easy if someone does it for
you) :)

The End.


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