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HEADS UP Please post from the right address
In the three days since this list started I have had to deal with a
number of messages posted by "non-members". In each case they really all
were members, but posting from the wrong address. I will continue to
reject those messages.

So please, remember what address you subscribed from, and stick to
sending from it.

If you want to be able to send from an alternative address, you can sub
from that address but choose the option to receive no list messages.
This means you will be able to send from that subscribed address, but no
mail wil be sent to it.

To change those options go here:

Enter the subscription email address in the last box, and click "Edit
Options" - on the next page the options will appear - turn on "Disable
Mail Delivery". Enter your password at the bottom and click "Submit my

Nick Rout <>

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