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mythtv/master commit: 23f3e6ff0 by Raymond Wagner (wagnerrp)
Author: Raymond Wagner <>
Change Date: 2012-03-09T10:02:04-08:00
Push Date: 2012/03/09 10:10:33 -0800
Repository: mythtv
Branch: master
New Revision: 23f3e6ff07fc80d4c4f95729c3f782707a326eb7


Revert to using Any address.

This bypasses the startup IP address selector in ServerPool, instead
listening on Any and AnyIPv6. This leaves the ServerPool itself in
place to handle systems with the bindv6only sysctl set. The behavior is
being reverted over concerns with systems that may have not completed
network configuration by the time MythTV starts, or would otherwise
change network behavior during normal operation.



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