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Re: src symbolic link in mythtv directory
On 2/20/20 9:08 AM, Hans Dingemans wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> First of all thanks for your support on the mythfilldatabase patch;
> hoping it will get committed soon!
> As you might have seen, a lot of "workarounds" came along on my
> question on the "src" symbolic link, but nobody seems to know why it
> is there.
> Since I am the "get rid of the root cause" kind of guy, I looked into
> it, and found it has to do with a few lines in the ./configure script.
> Turns out the script is trying to create the link (so it can use it as
> a relative path, I think), and if that doesn't work, uses the absolute
> path. That seems easy if you copy/move your building directories, but
> nowadays if you copy/move that, you would have to clean your building
> environment anyway, because at other places absolute paths are used.
> The script seems to be a copy of the FFmpeg configure script, but they
> already differ, so I thought it might cause no harm to further adapt
> it; see the patch I attached.
> It is only a minor thing, if you don't have time, or you think it will
> "rock the boat", then lets just forget about it.
> Happy coding!
> Hans.
configure was originally a copy of the ffmpeg configure. There is an
awful lot of junk in it from FFmpeg that does not belong there and
should be removed. I started on this a couple of years ago, removed some
things, but gave up after only removing a fraction of what is not
needed. Look at commit 9563786648 (git show 9563786648).

Is that "src" link a part of the original ffmpeg? It can probably be
removed, but then delete the lines rather than commenting them and fix
the comment, which would no longer make sense.

I suggest including the mailing list on emails
about development subjects, to keep everybody in the loop.

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