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Re: can't get the apk to run on my Shield
On 08/14/2018 12:21 AM, Ed Clark wrote:
> Hello Peter,
> Sorry for emailing you directly, but I wasn't sure this belonged on
> the mythtv-users list.
> I've tried installing a couple versions of your apk on my Shield. But,
> when I try to run them,
> they just die.  I get "your application encountered a fatal error and
> cannot continue".
> I don't know if I installed it incorrectly, or if my Shield's version
> (hardware or software) is
> incompatible, or I need to install something else, or any number of
> other possibilities.
> Do you have a pointer on the best way to install your apk?  I've never
> done development
> on/for android, so I'm learning by googling, and there seems to be a
> lot of options for
> doing things.
> I realize that your work is not ready for prime time, but I'd like to
> play with it on the side
> of my regular MythTV installation so I can get comfortable with how
> Shield works before
> springing it on my wife.
> (I bought this Shield - there was a sale at Best Buy a couple of weeks
> back - with the
> intention of replacing a RPi3 + AppleTV (for Netflix, HBO, ...) + HDMI
> selector setup
> down the road.  The RPi3 is doing ok, but its responsiveness is only
> borderline
> acceptable and it locks up occasionally.  Throw in the need for the
> HDMI selector and
> my WAF rating on the MythTV front isn't where I'd like it to be. Once
> mythfrontend is
> stable (enough) on Shield, I think I can raise my rating. :-) )
> Many thanks for your work on this!!
> Regards,
> Ed Clark
> P.S.  If you think is better handled on the users mailing list, I can
> move it there.
It is best to send email about the shield to the developer's list , as I am not the only person working on it.

Please try with the latest 64 bit version from here

You don't need to install anything else.

You can install with es file manager, a web download or adb. I prefer
adb. Look here for instructions:

If you still get a failure you may need to grab a log with adb. Let me
know if you need instructions.

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