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Help diagnosing a lockup in mythbackend
I have experienced a lockupin 0.28which seems to be happening even more
frequently now that I've upgraded to 29.1 (self-compiled). I have three
types of tuner:an HD-PVR, a HDHomerun (original, dual-tuner), and a
Blackmagic DeckLink Mini card that is accessed as an external recorder.
This uses a modified version of mythfilerecorderto run ffmpeg, as
documented here:

I believe the lockup begins to happen whena recording completes on the
DeckLink. For some reason, the mythfilerecorder process is not always
told to terminate; in some cases the backend seems to just reuse this
process to record subsequent programs. But on other occasions, the next
time an attempt is made to use that capture card there is a lockup where
the backend still outputs occasional messages to the log but its CPU
usage is pegged at 100%, it no longer responds to any requests from
frontends, and it has to be terminated withSIGKILL.

A thread backtrace can be found here:

Any suggestions about what to try?