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Question about build
According to one user, the Archlinux official build produces MythTV with
version as a commit hash "3543e74" instead of the normal "git describe"
format which looks like "v0.28.1-21-ge26a33c", or just "v0.28.1" if it
is build at the tag.

This causes wrong theme versions to be downloaded.

I tried checking out the tag name from git, creating a branch off the
tag, and compiling with no git but I could not reproduce the result of
having a commit hash as the version.

Can anybody explain how they could be building to get this result? I
want to fix it so they have the correct version.

If not, perhaps I should make the build fail if the version number is
invalid, to force those folks to stop whatever they are doing to make it
give this result.


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