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Fwd: Re: Ticket #12977: Improved Frontend Startup in case of connection problems
Hi Piotr

Thank you for finding that problem.

I have committed a fix to allow for blank or zero port number in config.xml.

I ran a lot of tests with different settings in config.xml. I could not
find any situation where it worked with 0.28 but does not work now.

A new feature is that it will cache language and a few other settings in
.mythtv/cache/contextcache.xml after a successful start. After that it
will skip the country and language screen if that cache file is still
present (for example if config.xml is deleted or invalid).

Please let me know if there are still problems.


#12977: Improved Frontend Startup in case of connection problems
Reporter: pbennett | Owner: pbennett
Type: Developer Task | Status: closed
Priority: minor | Milestone: 29.0
Component: MythTV - General | Version: Master Head
Severity: medium | Resolution: fixed
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Comment (by Peter Bennett <pbennett@…>):

In [changeset:"03b9b4e1bdaa39fc0bede4117edfe2e513ac3f20/mythtv"]:
#!CommitTicketReference repository="mythtv"
Minor fixes for MythTV Startup Page.

If database port is missing or 0 defaults to 3306.

Refs #12977

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