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Long removed
Six years ago, a few scripts in contrib/maintenance were removed.
(before that, they used to live in contrib/recovery ! )

I?m curious as to why, when both are on our WiKi anyway?

(the latter not maintained.)

I know the current _philosophy_ is for random,
imported media files, to be stuck in video storage space,
but I occasionally have need of recreating stray TV recordings:

[nigel@mythtv-server ~]$
Orphaned video files
mythtv-server: /myth/tv/1002_20170106104700.mpg 2.9GB
mythtv-server: /myth/tv/1002_20170107015700.mpg 5.5GB
mythtv-server: /myth/tv/1002_20170107041000.mpg 7.4GB
mythtv-server: /myth/tv/1004_20170107050000.mpg 2.3GB
mythtv-server: /myth/tv/1004_20170108080650.ts 14.9MB
mythtv-server: /myth/tv/1004_20170113105031.ts 8.9MB
mythtv-server: /myth/tv/1076_20170108074900.ts 209.6MB

when a test box dies or is rebuilt (recordings volume is separate).
In this situation, I at least want the channel and programme info.
Which did nicely.

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