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EIT cache running status - progress update

I have finished a proof of concept of the robust eit section parsing
part of the code. This currently runs sequentially with the current
parser. The patch against the current master is here

or you can browse the code on github at

I would appreciate comments on the code which is all contained in
lib/libmythtv eitcachedvb.cpp & .h.

The main parsing routine just returns true if it thinks the incoming
section has caused a changein the EIT tables. At the moment this return
is ignored and the parser operates as before.

Please feel to try this out and see if the code is robust and turn on
debug logging to see if the right decisions are being made.

There is a long way to go still.

Can anyone point me a what I need to change to remove the 15 minute
delay in starting eit scans (temporarily). This would save me looking
through a tone of code and speed up testing considerably.


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