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I'm getting excited...

First, hats off to Issac and others working on this project. This sounds
exactly what I've been looking for.

I am in the middle of building a quiet PC in a fancy case with VFD display
specific use as a PVR and media hub. It has to be easy so my wife will use
I'm still waiting for my PSU and CPU fan to arrive. I don't have a spare
machine, otherwise I would already be trying this baby!

I've used Linux for a variety of work-related projects, but have not got
it with the 'depth' necessary to be really comfortable. Now I'm hoping to.

Few of questions:
- Is the DVI output on various GF4-based cards fully supported in Lunix?
this is a dumb question and it 'always' works... I just don't have any
experience. Specifically I am planning a new TV with a DVI input that
box will be connected to.

- Anyone using RAID 0? Is it well supported? I was planning on the Asus
with raid if anyone has thoughts on it.

- Here's a wild one... Anyone with experience with M-audio sound cards,
the Delta Audiophile 2496? These are high-end sound cards that are used
in HTPC in the Windows world.

I'm also a software engineer, and will (hopefully) have time to contribute
this project. I was originally thinking of VFD (ie LCD) support but it
like that is covered, although I have some thoughts on the subject. The
thing I could do, although maybe of limited interest to most, is Sony S-link
support. I have a slinke box ( that basically
RS-232 to S-link protocol. The slinke box was mainly for people with big
CD-carrasals, but works with other Sony equipment too.

Alexander (Sandy) McKinney

P.S. For those interested in AV stuff, I would highly suggest
There is a HTPC forum with Linux supporter there, but the majority or
people are Windoze-centric.