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MythTV for blind/visually impaired

My wife is blind, and severely physically handicapped. She does enjoy
her TV and music. She is able to listen to her shows, etc. She easily
learns the functions of remote controls, etc. However, what is really
needed is someone to write a voice add-on for MythBuntu.

It should be very simple, using Festival or whatever speech program they
want. All that's needed really is for whatever text that happens to be
highlighted on the screen/menu/etc to be spoken!

She can easily get lost in the menus and frustrated because if nobody
sighted is around, she has no idea what the TV is doing because she
can't see it!

If someone would just write a simple addon to speak whatever is
highlighted, that would be perfect for her.

I would, but I'm no programmer.

So I'm asking, if anyone feels like taking it on, please let me know.
You would make her VERY happy, and end a whole lot of frustration for her.

We are using the latest MythBuntu.

Thank you!

I'm still pretty excited but, apparently these changes only apply to
one version of MythTV on Ubuntu.

According to the Tech Notes at:

"Talking MythTV was implemented by making changes to the Ubuntu 8.04
MythTV 0.21 source tree."
Is there someone who could look at the source and see how to get it
to work with the current MythTV setup?
I am using .25 (MythBuntu distro) and have spent many hours
configuring and working on it to get it working just right on our
hardware. I would hate to start over with an older distro and end
up having things break when updated.



Lee Maisel wrote:

Check THIS out!!!!

After lots of searching I found this, and I will sure give it a

I'll let you know how it pans out.


Might be worth a post in the dev mailing list... I'm not a programmer,
but I'd imagine that because most of the leg work is already done, you
might get a dev to take up the cause. I personally think that would be
an AWESOME feature for mythtv... sure not many people would use it, but
just having it available would give mythtv a lot of very positive
attention... perhaps attracting more developers?

AND..... from the Developer:

Hi Lee,

Installing MythTV and getting working with your hardware is a big
achievement! I know how tricky it can be.

Unfortunately, as we worked with the MythTV interface, we found the menus
to be difficult to adapt because they were not based on text. It was much
harder than we expected to get the basic MythTV interface to speak with
TTS. We had to fork the code and create a different set of menus with text
for each choice. I don't know of a simple way to carry those changes over
to a newer version of MythTV.

All of the code we created is available, as you probably read on our site.
If you or someone you know is able to tweak the code to work with newer
versions of MythTV, I would be thrilled to link to that effort from our
site. But I don't have the resources to do that work here. I wish I could
be more helpful.


On 8/13/12 10:01 PM, "Lee Maisel" <> wrote:

> >Hi!
> >
> >My wife Maria is totally blind, and also physically disabled, so her
> >being able to use MythTV for her entertainment is important. I would
> >like her to be able to listen to her shows, and navigate recordings,
> >music, etc. We have been searching for a solution for TTS in MythTV and
> >found your Talking MythTV.
> >
> >I am very excited about it, but I cannot get it to work due to various
> >issues.
> >We are running a MythTV 0.25 (MythBuntu) installation that I have spent
> >many hours configuring to work with our hardware, and finally seems to
> >be working stable and to my satisfaction.
> >The only piece of the puzzle that is missing is the TTS.
> >
> >Is there a way to get Talking MythTV working with the newer 0.25?
> >
> >Thanks so much for your help!
> >
> >Lee
> >

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