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Another database update.
So, I just applied a patch to CVS that adds a manual mode to mythfilldatabase,
thanks to Andrew Bishop. This is useful for those whose xmltv grabber don't
provide channel numbers, as it allows mythfilldatabase to setup the xmltv id
to channel number mapping in the database. It also lets you specify the
callsign, finetuning offset, etc.. Also from the same patch: the xmltv
grabber is now specified in the main settings file.

Also just checked into CVS, courtesy of a patch from Jens Lohmann-Hansen: The
starting channel is now defined in the settings file, as well as the order
that channels are displayed in the program guide.

So, if you're following CVS, you need to run the cvs.sql script into your
database as usual, re-run the setup program, re-run mythfilldatabase, and
re-setup any single shot or timeslot based recordings you may have had.
Sorry, but that's what you get for being bleeding edge =)