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ausio problems
I have got everything running for here in the uk except that
some of tha channels are numbered s4 etc.. in xawtv and mythtv does not
like this at all i have not yet worked out what the correct number is
for mythtv

big show stopper for me at the moment
in xawtv audio is find but mythtv does not set the tuner card up
correctly for audio so i can here the correct audio but it is very very
hissy compared to xawtv and pretty much unlistenable. I have verified
that this is not a recording problem by connecting the speakers to the
line out for the tv card. in xawtv the sound is fine but it does thump
when changing channels and starting however in mythtv it is very hissy
and there is not the thump at startup or when channels are changed
any ideas would be greatly appriciated.
apart from that listings work well here in the uk and with the sound
sorted i hope to use the proram for serius TV watching
has any one else had this audio problem and resolved it?? if so how