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Channel/frequencies weirdness in Australia
Hi! :-)

I got MythTV working in a purely LiveTV type role a day or so ago.

I had to change to the channel I wanted via xawtv before running Myth,
since Myth didn't know about channels, or program data or anything.

I decided that that was a sad state of affairs, and I bit the bullet and
started writing an xmltv backend for our local tv guide. Millions will
thank me, I'm sure.

So it's kind of working. There are bugs to be ironed out in the guide data
importing I know. But I have a problem with the channels. Here's what SQL

mysql> select * from channel;
| channum | callsign | name | icon |
| 7 | SVN | NULL | none |
| 9 | NIN | NULL | none |
| 2 | ABC | NULL | none |
| 10 | SAS | NULL | none |
| 28 | SBS | NULL | none |
5 rows in set (0.01 sec)

The callsigns are crap I made up, in mostly. We don't go in much for
callsigns around here. I guess there are few enough channels that people
don't need catchy identifiers :-)

Anyway, the channel numbers are correct, and sync with what I told xawtv
(which works).

In settings.txt I have:

str TVFormat=PAL
str FreqTable=australia

But when I run mythtv, the channel numbers are wrong. According to the
OSD info, ABC is channel '1', SVN is '5A' etc. Of course they are just

Interestingly, if I change 'FreqTable' to be 'us-cable', the channel
numbers and names match up when I change channels, but they are still all
not tuned in, complete static.

Gets weirder - if I choose 'australian-optus' (which I found in
frequencies.c) it mostly works - channels and names are synced, and I get
reception on three of them. ABC and SBS don't work - if I remember right
ABC is low end of VHF, SBS is UHF. Possibly relevant?

I certainly have nothing to do with optus at all :-)

Any ideas?

- Justin

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