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Small script helpful for RedHat 7.3 users?
Hello again.

I have written a small script to help RedHat 7.3 "install everything" users
compile MythTV.

My problem was that I have both freetype1 and freetype2 installed. Now,
MythTV uses "qmake" to make the Makefile's. qmake thinks that since I have
freetype2 installed I want to use it. But I don't (with MythTV at least). So
essentially all the Makefiles are "bad" when it comes to MythTV; all
freetype2 references must be changed to freetype1, and INCPATH must include
freetype1. So, the following essentially helps you do so; let std. "make"
run qmake to create the rest of the Makefiles, then run my script from the
MythTV root directory (of course, you should back up everything before
releasing it :-) ):

for a in $(find . -name Makefile); do sed -e
's/freetype2/freetype1/g;s:\(^INCPATH.*\):\1 -I/usr/include/freetype1:' ${a}
> ${a}.new; done
for a in $(find . -name Makefile); do cp -f ${a}.new ${a}; done