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Re: [mythtv-commits] Ticket #5998: simplify/enhance multirec
On 02/05/2009 06:32 AM, MythTV wrote:
> #5998: simplify/enhance multirec
> Comment:
> As some of you know, I've been bitching about #4989 for quite a long time
> now.
> Are you planning on changing anything to the LiveTV tuning?
> (Recap: LiveTV currently doesn't care if a virtual tuner is locked to a
> multiplex when the virtual tuner isn't bussy)

As you don't seem to know, I posted a description of how you can
configure your 0.21-fixes or above MythTV system (technically, any
version that supports multirec) to do exactly what you want to do at .

I realize it may be a little daunting to read that mini-novel***, but if
you take the time to do so, I'm sure you'll be /very/ pleased with your
configuration that does exactly what you want it to do (and without any
additional code/changes to MythTV). I could have made the post shorter,
but then it would have required several rounds of back-and-forth (which
probably would have been frustrating for you--breaking your
configuration in between--to the point you would have stopped before
getting the right configuration), so instead, I wrote up the post with
all the verified configuration information I have and suggestions on how
to improve the setup, as well as the details you'll need to figure out
how to get that better configuration. Make sure you read everything,
and don't stop when you see warnings about the first configuration.

Yes, there will be a better/easier approach in time, but really,
configuring your system as I suggest would take all of 2 minutes once
you read the post. (Less time, in fact, than it took you to post
messages to Trac/here. And reading my post would have taken less time
than reading all those tickets on Trac. ;)

As the many tickets to which you posted on Trac prove, there are a lot
of people who would like the configuration you want. The /best/ thing
you could do to help yourself and those people is follow the
instructions in the post I sent, find that it works great, and then post
detailed instructions on the configuration to the wiki (with a nice
e-mail to the -users list) for those users to see.


***Now just imagine how daunting the prospect of writing up those
instructions must have been. Now imagine how the author might feel if
no one read those instructions... :(
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