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Slow deletes were causing backend to hang and/or cause seg faults
This is a continuation of the following from the users lists:

I was asked to get and install debug packages and to create a backtrace:

I obtained the mythtv-debuginfo package from atrpms to go along with my
binaries and followed the instructions found here:

As far as I know I didn't deviate from those instructions (except for
not compiling the code).

I am able to recreate the problem almost 100% of the time if I watch a
show first, then delete it. This afternoon I tried to delete a bunch of
programs I didn't care about but it didn't crash. However, I got it to
crash soon after watching a show tonight. The problem goes away as soon
as I turn off the slow delete feature.

I have installed version 0.21, and use ext3 in combination with RAID 5
for my video partition.

I've attached the gdb.txt of the backtrace. However, there are still
quite a few unknown symbols. Please let me know if I've done something
wrong. I did not think a reboot was necessary after installing the debug
package, but I did restart mythbackend. I also saved the screen output
and the myth.log if desired.

I have deadlines at work through next week so I don't respond right I
away I apologize in advance. I hope this is useful and I'd like to help
as much as I can.