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MHW EPG Patch (sort of)
I've developed some code which implements a functionality to decode and
insert EPG data in MHW format, which is used by several European
satellite providers (Sky, Canal+, etc.). My code is based on the code
found in mhwepg, by J. Repetto, which I rewrote in some parts and

I'm hesitant to call this work "patch" since, given my limited knowledge
of MythTV internals and of QT more in general (sorry, I'm a C# guy
during the day, I only get to tinker with my MythTV box with a full moon
:-) ) it's more a rather crude hack, and that's why I didn't open a
ticket right away: I developed a class (MhwScanner) which does the real
work, and hooked some calls to it into the EIT active scanner code,
which I disabled. On my system, It's more or less stable (it has been
regularly fetching EPG events for the last two weeks); I get the
occasional backend crash, but I'm not sure if it depends on my code, on
the SVN revision I'm running (12345) or on some other patches I had to
apply. The fundamental problem is that my code has an heavy impact both
on MySQL (20.000 to 30.000 EPG events are found at each run and then
"EIT-appended" - I used a modified version of a method in the EITHelper
class - and checked/inserted) and on system memory. I suppose that some
kind of threading is needed, in addition to proper integration with the
backend code, but as I said before I don't know MythTV well enough to do

If anyone is interested, I'm going to clean up my code as much as I can
and then publish it on the list or attached a ticket, but I'd like to
know what's in your opinion the best course of action.



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