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My posts moving to other fora; Isaac Richards's agendas.
Ladies and gentlemen,

Isaac Richards <> irresponsibly unilaterally and
immaturely has removed me from MythTV's mailing lists, using the
unusual and nonspecific phrase "not welcome". I consider that
irresponsible since it is secretive; his agendas are hidden.

Since there was no dialog until the very last message he wrote me
below, I have to post this final message to the MythTV mailing lists
Isaac Richards administers so that you know where I will be responding
from now on. I will move all of my MythTV discussions related to
HD-2000 cards to the pcHDTV.Com HD-2000 support forum's topic for
MythTV (at <URL:"">), and to the Linux
pcHDTV forum at AVS Forum > Video Processors and HTPC > Home Theater
Computers > HTPC - Linux Chat (at
for everything else. People may see my responses to any pertinent
issues I'm having or helping others with regarding MythTV in those
fora and in their personal email, and if need be, I will pursue other
mediums as well (such as USENET).

I have some guesses why he behaves like that; unbeknownst to me at
the time I started having interest in MythTV (since I didn't look at
his name carefully enough), he could be treating me with prejudice,
partially because when he sees me post about intrinsic design flaws in
Myth, instead of growing and learning from my posts (since I do have
some knowledge of programming since 1984 including heterogeneous
communications systems), he feels he's living under the shadow of what
to him may seem like an old-world-order white man he met on a gay IRC
channel and then again in person many years ago. There are a lot of
signs of my experience that may offend him, and some I know have: I
use old IETF mailing list standards of always carbon copying all
email recipients, so they can handle the communication effectively;
many of those who didn't like duplicate messages were able to program
their systems to unify them according to Message-Id. Signs of his
immaturity abound; for example, when I posted simple messages
including patches, he responded with what in hindsight I now realize
was probably deliberate slowness and non-responsiveness, and when I
inquired in quite innocent terms, he lashed out angrily in ways I
found totally unexpected, accusing me of accusing him of deliberately
being slow or nonresponsive when all I was asking was why he wasn't
proceeding, not blaming him for deliberate malpractice; he has been
very consistent about answering others' patch messages, but never did
answer those posts of mine despite numerous attempts at dialog by me
at the time.

While I resisted posting this message because it's negative, I feel it
is my duty to help isolate any part of society which might be working
toward incorrect agendas (such as anti-white, anti-gay,
anti-experience, or perhaps even pro-drug agendas (I was an avid
anti-drug advocate during many of my years on gay NYC IRC channels,
since I had a lot of exposure to those taking drugs and saw their
effects and purposes, and that directly and indirectly made a lot of
enemies), although I do not know Isaac Richards's real motivations),
and this is the place where this particular series of events happened.

As a net result, I'm not sure where I will take my personal interest
in MythTV: while I have been dismayed by its many flaws (which I
assume is evident in my tone), I have invested a large portion of my
life in it already, and do not wish to give others with bad agendas
undue power over my life, because that would be allowing the criminal
class to succeed, and I am not a victim. Therefore, I will only
consider this as a part of the flaws in Myth, not as a totally
evictive act of my interest in it.

Due to and adhering to Isaac Richards's decision, until further
appropriate notice otherwise, I have stopped posting to MythTV-Users
and MythTV-Dev.

Brad Allen