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dealing with mutliple tuners
Just curious what the best way to deal with multiple tuners and sources are
wrt the epg under mythtv7

I currently have my tv tuner card in the computer plus an external digital
cable box. I setup myth with two channel sources as zap2it has different
listing for digital and standard tuners. Analog channel source is assigned to
the tv tuner card, the digital cable source is assigned to composite1 on the
tuner card. Once I did this, I noticed that in the epg, I had 2 listings for
each analog channel.

1) How do I know if I select one of the channels, which source it will try to
record from.

Now I wiped that out this morning and setup the digital listing and assigned
it to both the tv tuner and the composite1 input. Is this the most
appropriate way to go. Again, question 1 above applies to this setup too.

Once I add a second tv tuner card in, again, how should I set that up and how
do I differentiate between tuners and channel sources, when I attempt to
watch live tv or do a scheduled recording.
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