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Re: AIW Radeon 7500 and mythtv
Isaac Richards wrote:

>It's been stated several times that the AIW cards will not
>work as a combined tuner/playback card, due to driver and hardware
Not good. I downloaded a copy of the mythtv-dev mailing list archives
and searched for info on this topic... shoulda done that before I
ordered my AIW 7500. It sounds like this is hopeless* in the short term
given the immaturity of the v4l driver for this card. Too bad; at $129
it looked like a very nice solution for capture and tv-out. Now it's
going on eBay, and I've got to shell out for an NVidia card with TV Out,
plus the Hauppage WinTV. Sigh.

(*) I'd love to be proven wrong, see below

Harondel J. Sibble wrote:

>My understanding of the problem with ATI AIW cards is that the current linux
>drivers don't allow concurrent playback and recording. I have a machine with
>a Radeon AIW, that I plan to install myth on one of these days to see what
>actually happens.
Harondel, if you wouldn't mind giving that ATI card a try and report
your results here, I'd appreciate it!