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[PATCH] mythweb gallery module 0.16
Attached is gallery module for 0.16 ( I know 0.17 is
out, just waiting before upgrading ).

To install, explode the tar in your mythweb root,
apply the patch. Manually patch
themes/Default/theme.php with:

<a href="gallery.php">MythGallery</a>

Just after MythWeather

And a symlink from gallery to your gallery image

Limitations, if a .thumbcache image doesn't exist,
then no image, but you can still click and download
it. From the image display, you have to click back to

To Do:

A medium size image display page, with controls,
probably forward, back,download and back to directory.
Filter directory parsing for just images/directories (
jpg )
Rotation of images
wap support

Chris, as promised version 2. Moved all the code out
of the theme, and no more tables ( borrowed the code
from your site for the style sheet. ).

I saw the new images in 17, for theme.php, is there
one available for gallery ?