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mythtv/master commit: aa2762f7f by David Engel (gigem)
Author: David Engel <>
Change Date: 2012-04-08T17:15:08-07:00
Push Date: 2012/04/08 17:25:23 -0700
Repository: mythtv
Branch: master
New Revision: aa2762f7fbfdfffc3c17514c00d33cffb7bb3a08


Fix popup windows from disappearing in MythCenter-wide when using the
virtual keyboard.

Adapted from a patch by Harley Peters <> for
the TintedGlass theme.

Disable some "AboutToHide" animations in the MythCenter-wide theme for
popup windows that can access the virtual keyboard. The animations
cause the window to disappear when the virtual keyboard is displayed
and consequently don't show what is typed. The "AboutToShow"
animations remain in effect, and unfortunately, cause some flickering
when the virtual keyboard is dismissed. Even with the flickering,
this is better than not being able to see what is typed. Hopefully a
better fix can be made to 0.25-fixes later.



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