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mythtv/master commit: 98f0a5291 by Robert McNamara (rmcnamara)
Author: Robert McNamara <>
Change Date: 2012-04-02T20:57:05-07:00
Push Date: 2012/04/02 20:59:38 -0700
Repository: mythtv
Branch: master
New Revision: 98f0a5291c36b901f7d95d28c45cbdedeb1f8789


DVR Service: Fix recording deletion API.

As with a few other APIs, this was developed on a slave backend,
where a remote delete request could work. As the best/correct use
of the APIs is to speak to the MBE, allow the API to work
by sending the deletion mythmessage.

Testing and working with proper UTC input. Fixes #10540.



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