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mythtv commit: r16559 by cpinkham
Author: cpinkham
Date: 2008-03-15 09:18:32 +0000 (Sat, 15 Mar 2008)
New Revision: 16559




Add the ability for menu themes to jump directly to a specific Recording Group
when opening the Watch Recordings screen. This can be useful in base themes
for creating a menu button to display the 'Deleted' recgroup for instance, and
it can be used by individual users to create menu buttons for their own
custom recording groups. This new ability is enabled by appending the
recording group name in the <action> in the menu button entry.


<action>TV_WATCH_RECORDING</action> (Default/current usage)
<action>TV_WATCH_RECORDING Deleted</action> (Show Deleted RecGroup)
<action>TV_WATCH_RECORDING Dad</action> (Show Dad's RecGroup)

If there are no entries in the given recgroup, the user will be presented
with a blank list rather than Myth popping up the Recording Group chooser.
If there is a password set on the given recgroup then the password prompt
will be displayed.

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