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Recent breakage: apache-1.3.9 + mod_perl-1.21 (APXS)
Hi folks,

I'm moving the FreeBSD port for mod_perl from an httpd binary
replacement to a DSO addition using apxs.

I'm not sure what changed between 2 weeks ago and now, but I'm finding I
have to patch the apaci/configure file as follows:

--- apaci/configure.orig Tue Oct 26 15:23:06 1999
+++ apaci/configure Tue Oct 26 15:28:58 1999
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
echo "$0:Error: no 'apxs' program found, please provide it's path via --with-apxs" 1>&2
exit 1
-my_apxs_cflags="`$my_apxs -q CFLAGS`"
+my_apxs_cflags="`$my_apxs -q CFLAGS | sed -e 's,\",\\\\",g'`"
my_apxs_includes="-I`$my_apxs -q INCLUDEDIR`"

# friendly header

Without this patch, perl_util.c blows up with a parsing error because
DEFAULT_PATH is taken as bare text without quotes. :-(

Any ideas?