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svn commit: r511156 - /perl/modperl/docs/trunk/src/products/app-server.pod
Author: fwiles
Date: Fri Feb 23 14:47:45 2007
New Revision: 511156

Added in Catalyst, Maypole, and Jifty.
Fixed a couple of typos.


Modified: perl/modperl/docs/trunk/src/products/app-server.pod
--- perl/modperl/docs/trunk/src/products/app-server.pod (original)
+++ perl/modperl/docs/trunk/src/products/app-server.pod Fri Feb 23 14:47:45 2007
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
The bivio OLTP Platform ( (bOP) is a
declarative, multi-layered Perl application development framework.
Adapters have been written for Apache/mod_perl, sendmail, Oracle, and
-Postgres. The Model layer generates SQL for CRUD, lists, and HTTP
+PostgreSQL. The Model layer generates SQL for CRUD, lists, and HTTP
forms. Views are content-independent hierarchies of widgets. Tasks
control security, execution order, and state transitions. Facades map
qualified names to URLs, strings, fonts, colors, icons, files, and
@@ -53,6 +53,23 @@
tracing, configuration, logging, class loading, type hierarchy, unit
testing, and acceptance testing.

+=head1 Catalyst
+Catalyst is an elegant web application framework, extremely flexible yet
+extremely simple. It's similar to Ruby on Rails, Spring (Java), and Maypole,
+upon which it was originally based. Its most important design philosophy is to
+provide easy access to all the tools you need to develop web applications, with
+few restrictions on how you need to use these tools. However, this does mean
+that it is always possible to do things in a different way. Other web
+frameworks are initially simpler to use, but achieve this by locking the
+programmer into a single set of tools. Catalyst's emphasis on flexibility means
+that you have to think more to use it. We view this as a feature. For example,
+this leads to Catalyst being more suited to system integration tasks than other
+web frameworks.
+Intro document
+Main site page

=head1 C<CGI::Application>

@@ -135,6 +152,10 @@
pricing, personalization, payment processing, reporting, customer
service, and search.

+=head1 Jifty
+Jifty is a way to build web applications. Homepage
=head1 Mason

C<Mason> ( is a powerful Perl-based web site
@@ -143,6 +164,12 @@
components. C<Mason> solves the common problems of site development:
caching, debugging, templating, simulating browser conditions,
maintaining development and production sites, and more
+=head1 Maypole
+Maypole is a Perl framework for MVC-oriented web applications, similar to Jakarta's Struts. Maypole is designed to minimize coding requirements for creating simple web interfaces to databases, while remaining flexible enough to support enterprise web applications.

=head1 OpenInteract

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