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[Announce] Apache::ASP 2.59
Hi Apache::ASP Community,

The Apache::ASP v2.59 release has been uploaded to PAUSE, and should
land in your local CPAN shortly, or:

The CHANGES are below, and the focus of the release is was
to fix things to work with the latest mod_perl-2.0.

Please let me know if you have any problems, and will try
to get it fixed ASAP.




$MODULE=Apache::ASP; $VERSION = 2.59; $DATE="05/23/2005"

Please see README for changes for past versions.

+ = improvement; - = bug fix; (d) = documentation

+ added "use bytes" to Response object to calculate Content-Length
correctly for UTF8 data, which should require therefore at least
perl version 5.6 installed

+ updated to work with latest mod_perl 2.0 module naming convention,
thanks to Randy Kobes for patch

+ examples now exclude usage of Apache::Filter & Apache::SSI under mod_perl 2.0

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