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[ANNOUNCE] mod_perl-1.25

has entered CPAN as

file: $CPAN/authors/id/D/DO/DOUGM/mod_perl-1.25.tar.gz
size: 366834 bytes
md5: c6a29600f54c62cb9b8a96eaf2be023a

Changes since 1.24_01:

avoid 'prototype mismatch' warnings in Apache::PerlRun::flush_namespace
[Wenzhong Tang <>]

xsubpp now run with -nolinenumbers (5.004_04 bombs otherwise)

DSO support for hpux with native cc

document Apache->server->register_cleanup
[Perrin Harkins <>]

Apache::Server->loglevel can now be modified
[Geoffrey Young <>]

use unsigned short rather than short for Apache::Server->port
thanks to Richard L. Goerwitz for the spot

fix $r subclassing mechanism when value of `r' or `_r' key is a hashref
thanks to Dave LaMacchia for the spot

fix Apache::PerlRun is-a -> has-a Apache relationship change oversights
[Ken Williams <>,
Alexander Solovey <>]

win32 updates for 1.3.15, including ApacheModulePerl.{dsp,dll} ->
mod_perl.{dsp,so} rename
[John K. Sterling <>,
Randy Kobes <>]

fix directive handlers bug triggered by LoadModule foo_module

allow $r->finfo to be modified

if Perl is linked with -lpthread, then httpd needs to be linked with
-lpthread, make sure that happens with USE_DSO=1, warn if USE_APXS=1

largefile flags can be stripped from mod_perl with:

adjust test output (modules/{cgi,constants}) to make 5.7.0-dev
Test::Harness happy

fix $r->custom_response bug which was triggering core dumps if no
ErrorDocuments were configured, thanks to Paul Hodges for the spot

rid PL_na usage in Symbol.xs

INSTALL.win32 updates, obsolete INSTALL.activeperl removed
[Randy Kobes <>]

Solving an 'uninitialized value' warn in Apache::SizeLimit.
post_connection() expects a return status from the callback function.
[Stas Bekman <>]

include mod_perl hook/feature config and pod in Apache::MyConfig
[Geoffrey Young <>]

rewrite of Apache::WRITE() in c/xs
[Soheil Seyfaie <>]

prevent $PerlRequire in a <Perl> section from triggering an endless loop
[Salvador Ortiz Garcia <>]

build fix for using gcc with AIX
[Jens-Uwe Mager <>]

allow modification of $r->hostname
[Jim Winstead <>]

allow Makefile.PL to build mod_perl on Win32 using VC++
[Randy Kobes <>]

stop win32 crash when bringing down service
[John K. Sterling <>]

various Apache::test enhancements and fixes
[Ken Williams <>, Dave Rolsky <>]

Documenting the new PerlAddVar httpd.conf directive
[Stas Bekman <>]

new Apache::test::static_modules() method
[Ken Williams <>]

Improved Apache->send_http_header documentation
[Ken Williams <>]