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Unable to push to Garage Git ?
I've successfully pushed before, but now I'm trying to push new changes,
but it's failing with (repo name changed):

> git.exe push -v --progress "origin" master:master
> Pushing to<reponame>
> Fetching remote heads...
> refs/
> refs/heads/
> refs/tags/
> updating 'refs/heads/master'
> from 4abcc9ab77d80562371024c243eb6b4f9f28dfcc
> to f3569fd45504745ccde6944c0dc25c17c0b92dd5
> sending 135 objects
> MOVE 7957baf12842850bf5763334c2d76056ea4f8f3c failed, aborting (22/502)
> MOVE 56d100ed96333a75431965b8264fc58539b1ac4b failed, aborting (22/502)
> MOVE 0c98710b14ee1e11959af5cbd9fac1ef7c2bb1c2 failed, aborting (22/502)
> MOVE 8a52d7a3abaef48fae70bf12b907201b01ad85f4 failed, aborting (22/502)
> MOVE e97f5134415c2ca07d4ef6f6fc6a86ba2cabe73b failed, aborting (22/502)
> Updating remote server info
> fatal: git-http-push failed

...and looking around, the 22/502 error suggests:
> If git-http-push shows you an error (22/502) when trying to MOVE a blob,
> it means that your web-server somehow does not recognize its name in the
> request; This can happen when you start Apache, but then disable the
> network interface. A simple restart of Apache helps.

Ideally, I'd look at the web server error log...but obviously I can't :)

Anyone else having problems?

- Jamie
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