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Candidature for council election Q1/2018 - eekkelund
Dear community,

Thanks @juiceme for trusting and nominating me.

I have decided to accept nomination. I will shamelessly re-use my Q2/2016 declaration with small fixes.


Small introduction:
I have been a part of this community since 2012 when I bought my first smartphone, N9, and started lurking TMO. Due to this awesome operating system, Harmmatan, with its customization&'hacking' abilities, and this epic community, I became interested in mobiles, Linux, FOSS and IT in general. Nowdays, I am studying IT and working for big IT company. Lately I have been spending time with getting NemoMobile to run and being usable.

I found Maemo community the most kind, educating and welcoming community that I have ever seen or been part of.

What I would like to see in Q1/2018 and help to accomplish are:
-More New members from all Linux mobile scenes/communities.
-Helping and supporting new and existing members
-NEW Coding competition
-Getting NemoMobile back to the scene :)

Thanks for being such a cool community.

Kind regards