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[Council] The 1st Maemo Developer Regatta - Closer to the Finishing Line
Thanks to all contestants!

We have had even more competition entries than first expected, and when
the deadline closed in the end of January there are a whopping 32

Now the ball is in the hands of community members to evaluate and score
the contestants, until voting starts on 15.2.2017

Because we have 3 different categories in the competiton, we need to
define the order between the categories to line up contestants in
correct order.
To encourage new developers the "Beginner" category is given an extra
boost and hence the pick order for prizes will be this;

1. The winner of "Beginner" category
2. The winner of "Something New" category
3. The winner of "Updating/Fixing" category
4. The 2nd of "Beginner" category
5. The 2nd of "Something New" category
6. The 2nd of "Updating/Fixing" category
7. The 3rd of "Beginner" category
8. The 3rd of "Something New" category
9. The 3rd of "Updating/Fixing" category
10. The 4th of "Beginner" category
11. The 4th of "Something New" category
12. The 4th of "Updating/Fixing" category
13. ...
14. ...
... and so on.

Remember that to be eligible to vote, you need to have a Maemo account
with minimum of 10 karma points. (and note that Maemo account is *not*
same thing as TMO account...)

The karma 10 requirement is pretty easy to achieve, just one TMO posting
with thanks is enough to gain you 10 points.

To make it possible for as many contestants as possible to get a prize
we still accept donations, both monetary and devices!

- Juice -
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