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Estel's submission for Community Awards program
I'm submitting myself for CA program. I'm interested in N950 (there are chances, that I'll buy N9 myself soon, so in case of being accepted, I don't want 2nd for sale...).

My account is:
My TMO account is:


Most of my contributions for Community are known for Council, so I'll not bore You with them - here is short list of less known ones:

I'm responsible for putting upstream (latest), fully functional TrueCrypt into repositories:

I'm author of two small, yet quite popular packages for Maemo BNF:
...and ereswap:

I'm humble participant of dr_frost_dk's giant battery-related research thread, with few guides - measuring real, accurate capacity of battery on N900 itself:

...and guide for modifying Mugen Cover to contain camera lens cover:

I'm author of concept for adding HDMI output funcionality to N900, via 25$ component (RPi):

...and, last but not least, I'm actively working on providing first, independent body replacement for N900 (with added funcionality):

I'm willing to wish good luck for all CA participants :)