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Fwd: Nomination for community council
Since my candidate page on has not been updated with my answers
to the questions listed, I resend my answers :)

Best Regards to all

Niel Nielsen

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From: *Niel Nielsen*
Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012
Subject: Nomination for community council
To: List for community development <>

My username is nieldk

Short what I would like to achieve:
Better relationships in the community, between all involved: Beeing
council, normal members, developers and Nokia especially needs to get
better cooperation and assistance with developers.
I believe this is a perfect community, compared to others I have been/are
involved in. Less trolling and hate. Let's keep it that way.


*1.* What are your thoughts on integrating Harmattan and potentially even
Meltemi/other-open-Qt+Linux Nokia/other manufacturer devices into the Maemo
community and

This community should be open to all Nokia platforms, and should work on
creating better relations with Nokia on all of the platforms, I believe
there is room for all.

*2.* There is a thread on
some of the problems the current council has had. Do you agree with the
assertions in that thread that there's been a breakdown in communication
between Nokia, Nemein and the council; and the council and the community?
If so, how do we fix

Actually I feel the community and council are quite open and accepting, but
surely there is room to improve. Council needs to open ears, and listen to
the community input for improvements or changes.

*3.* Do You agree, that lack of devices (hardware) is one of major
roadblocks for Open mobility we would like to have? If yes, which way
should Council focus on supporting:

Yes, for some devices, like the N950 this is so, creating better
connections with Nokia hopefully can make this better.

a) Cooperation with big companies (Nokia?), hoping that they'll finally
release "device of our dreams" (or thing close to)?

This is needed, and what I will try to accomplish

b) Starting hard, demanding and somewhat costly (without guarantee of
success) path of creating own device via donations, which - if succeed -
may result in totally, or almost totally open device (way of Open Pandora,
Raspberry Pi, etc)?

I think this road is doomed for failure, better connections with Nokia, is
the way to help.


On Saturday, April 21, 2012, Andrew Flegg wrote:

> On 21 April 2012 07:13, Niel Nielsen <> wrote:
> > I am accepting my Nomination for the community council and would like to
> > run.
> Could you confirm your username? Could you outline why
> you're running and what you'd like to achieve?
> There are some additional questions on
> Thanks in advance,
> Andrew
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