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Maemo Community Council elections: voting open!
Hi all,

The nominations for the Maemo Community Council elections of March '09
closed last night, and votes for the council election are now open.

The final candidate list, in order that they announced their candidacy,
is as follows:

* Andrew Flegg (Jaffa)
* Ryan Abel (GeneralAntilles)
* Andrea Grandi (andy80)
* Tim Samoff (timsamoff)
* Jamie Bennett (baloo)
* Aniello Del
Sorbo (anidel) *
Kees Jongenburger (keesj)
* Stephen Gadsby (sjgadsby)
* Alan Bruce (qole)

More information on the candidates can be found in their nomination
statements on the wiki:

All elligible voters ( account holders who created their
account on or before December 19th 2008, and have 25 karma or more) will
be receiving an email shortly with voting instructions, including an
email address and token to use to connect to the voting page and vote
for their preferred candidates in order of preference.

If you have any problems voting, or you do not receive your voting
token, please contact me off-list, and I'll look into it.

Thank you all in advance for voting, and that you to all the candidates
for putting themselves forward.


-- docsmaster

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