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Maemo 2.1 Available
Hi all,

After the official maintenance update of the Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition
last week, the final maemo 2.1 release is also now available.

Some highlights of this release include:
* Bug fixes and other enhancements
* Address book APIs are now available for application development
* Many source code packages added since 2.0
* Minimal rootstraps are now also available

Developer RootFS

Nokia Binaries

SDK rootstrap (and Installer)

SDK package reference

Debian repo (/etc/apt/sources.list)
deb scirocco free non-free
deb-src scirocco free non-fre

The website will be updated later today. If you find bugs and
issues with maemo 2.1, just file them to
and we will try to do our best to fix them. Thanks in advance!

A big thanks also to everyone who made maemo 2.1 possible and now let's
all enjoy and get some real hacking on maemo done.