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Traffic meassurments (testLVS)

When I set up a test environment with LVS and I run testLVS,
how can I find out the bottleneck of this system?

On a 10 MBps network I see about 2000 packets per second arriving
at the server with "show_traffic". On the redirector I find 14,000.
How can this be? Collisions happen, but not that much.

I use TCP, if we have 14,000 packet with 40 Byte, that would be
5 MBps. This is not much.

Where's the bottleneck? And why do only 1/3 of the packets arrive
on the server? (14,000 on the redit -> 7000 in and 7000 out, but
only 2000 arrive).

I'm clueless!


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