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Re: [acts_as_solr] Re: acts_as_solr returns all db rows when using model name as query
Cross posting a little...

On Jan 17, 2009, at 7:24 AM, Matthew Rudy Jacobs wrote:
> Nice Erik.
> I need to get to understand solr as a service, rather than just
> understanding ActsAsSolr.
> Feels like most of our queries are done wrong, as we don't use this
> "filter query" param.

Yeah, for sure. acts_as_solr really could shine with more pluggable
param handling/mapping to Solr. There's a lot of Solr trickery that
keeps on getting added. Faceting, for example, can really do some
wacky cool stuff with the local params:

It'd be sweet to have some Rubyish way to map those things. Matt,
CC'd, has some really great RSolr stuff rolling on github. I've been
so swamped to give the attention to these things, sadly.

Regarding consolidating the codebase: I'd really like to see folks
maintaining the solr-ruby library, pulling in RSolr and getting rid of
the ugly stuff, make the good stuff even better, and keep a nice test
suite. Not being a relational database kinda guy, I've not really
given aas much attention, but it deserves it. I invite the aas, solr-
ruby, and RSolr communities (and Flare too, if there is anyone using
it besides me in demos ;) to consider proposing and submitting code to
the /clients/ruby/solr-ruby (or renamed to rsolr?) Subversion repo.
It's not as easy a process as just propping up a github area, but it
does offer support from the broader Solr community and allows this
Ruby library to just simply ship with each version of Solr as a built-
in gem, plugin, what-have-you that is 100% compatible, etc.
Interested parties in aiming towards this, cull together on ruby-
dev@lucene and get us a codebase/patches to bringing in AAS, and any
other best-of Solr/Ruby goodness.